Temporary Executive Assistants

Temporary and interim Executive Assistants, available at a fixed daily rate, with payroll and timesheets managed by EA Search through our easy-to-use online portal. 

Placing temporary Executive Assistants within London and New York.

Using our online portal, we have the facilities to completely support temporary hires on both PAYE (UK) & W2 (US) contracts, taking care of the entire payroll burden on your behalf. 

Uniquely, our temporary service operates on fixed daily fee to ensure predictability with every hire.  

Register with EA Search as a temporary Executive Assistant.

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Executive Assistant.

We handle contracts, timesheets, compliance, and payroll, so you don't have to.

Using our partner platform Sonovate, we have full facilities to ensure compliance with UK & US tax regulations, payroll, timesheets, and employment contracts. Our clients are billed a fixed fee a monthly basis, without any fuss. 

Additionally, we take care of right to work, credit, and DBS checks on your behalf.